Chairman’s Message

drhoDear Fellow Engineers,

Welcome to the website of Association of Engineering Professionals in Society (AES), a non profit-making professional body, established in November 1995 by a group of engineers and professionals of different disciplines.

The primary objective of the Association is leadership development of professionals while at the same time participating in community work and strengthening professionals’ understanding of China Mainland to capitalize on the opportunities generated by the “One Country Two Systems” policy.

Over the 21 years’ history of AES’s development, many important and useful activities have been organized benefiting our 1,000 individual members, including Company Nominees from our 30 Company Members, and 300 members of our Young Members in Society Committee (YES).

We specifically wish to mention some of the important events over the years in the following:

(1) Twice received by national leaders (全國政協副主席徐匡迪及全國政協副主席周光召) of our Central Government at the Hong Kong Room of the People’s Great Hall in Beijing, several times received by the Director and Deputy Directors of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office in Beijing and also the mayor of Shanghai, Hanzhen (韓正), as well as mayors and deputy mayors of many city in the Mainland.

(2) All our Anniversary Dinners in the last 21 years had VVIP’s such as Chief Executives of the HKSAR (Mr C H Tung, Mr Dornald Tsang and Mr CY Leung), many government secretaries, as well as Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong SAR (中聯辦高祀仁主任) as Guests of Honours, not to mention that often we had up to 10 VIP tables of senior government officials and celebrities from the private sector.

(3) Over 50 times, our members including YES members, have participated in the “public engagement” and “public consultation” sessions organized by various works departments of the Government on many infrastructure-related projects, which are very important efforts and actions assisting the public to understand government’s plans and proposals in the process of government seeking the support of the public.

(4) Numerous technical visits to many cities in China Mainland, Taiwan, and several ASEAN countries, provide valuable opportunities to members to familiarize themselves with the Mainland cities and the exchange their experience and opinions, augmenting their understanding and friendship with our counterparts in the Mainland.

(5) Training sessions have from time to time been arranged to strengthen the personal qualities of our members, such as presentation skills, general legal knowledge, Putonghua training, preparation exercise to assist members in taking their professional interviews of the HKIE.

We particularly place a strong emphasis on young professionals, equipping them with leadership qulities and management skills to enable them to face up to the fast-changing society of Hong Kong. We are proud to say that we now have many YES members who are successful in the public sector as well as the private sector, including one now managing a multi-billion dollar publicly-listed company.

Among the 30 Company Members, we have Airport Authority of Hong Kong, MTRC, CLP, Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons, Hong Kong Electric, Hong Kong and China Gas, PCCW, AECOM, Chun Wo, Paul Y, Dragages and public-listed companies.

In the recent Election Committee Engineering Subsector Election for next year’s election of the next Chief Executive, AES came out with flying colours, details of the results can be found in this issue. Efforts are expected to be better coordinated with other sectors of the engineering profession and we have strong intention of working closely with them. Additionally, members’ views and comments will be voiced out to the public at the first opportunity.

Raymond HO Chung-tai, SBS, JP