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2016 Advisors to AES

Great News!
We have just had 2 very senior medical doctors joining us as Advisors, Dr Chow Pak-chin, an eye specialist and Dr John Wong, a heart specialist. They will provide eye test service and blood pressure tests respectively to the elderly living in public estates during our visits to them as part of our community services.

Dr Chow is a specialist in ophthalmologist. Currently he is also the Acting President of the Hong Kong Medical Association. Dr Chow has been providing free eye surgery to the poor patients in the Mainland since 1998.

Dr Wong is a renowned cardiologist. With his outstanding performance and experience, Dr. Wong has been a case doctor in different hospitals, as well as a lecturer and consultant.

We sincerely thank Dr Chow and Dr Wong for kindly accepting our invitation to be our Advisors and for supporting our community services.

Taking this opportunity, we are glad to report that we now have 1 Honorary Advisor (Sir S.Y. Chung) and 29 Advisors including Ir Hu Fa Kuang who has recently been awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal (GBM).

AES Brief Introduction

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